Welcome Bachelorette Nation

Who is ready to join me on this adventure of another season of the Bachelorette? I am super excited for this season with Rachel Lindsay. It’s high time a poised, beautiful, black woman took the title of the Bachelorette and there is nobody better than Rachel.

I have been a fan of the Bachelor since season 13 with Jason Mesnick and the Bachelorette since season 9 with Ali Fedotowsky. It seems like I was the only one in my family who enjoyed this “ridiculous” show. “Can people really find love on this show?” “How can one guy/girl date so many women/men at the same time?” “It’s all fake!” “It’s not reality TV.” These were some of the skeptical comments I got when I told anyone I watched the show. Despite the comments I still watched the show and I am still a believer because there have been many successes. I think it really depends on who ends up being the Bachelor/Bachelorette and how ready they are to commit to a lifelong relationship. Rachel is the whole package and I have no doubts that this will be a season that will go down in history.

So I created this blog to have a space where I can discuss each episode with people who love the show and/or are just excited for this season. There WON’T be any spoilers, just discussions and predictions so that it can make this season more exciting.

So let’s start off with a description of who you think Rachel will end up with.

Who is Rachel’s type?

My prediction: I think Rachel will end up with a white guy, maybe from Dallas Texas just like her. Someone who is funny and carefree but in a more quiet and reserved way. She is very lively and seems to be an extrovert so I think she will be drawn to a guy with more mystery but someone who still has charisma.

What do you think????